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Sunlit Meadow

This painting is acrylic on board, 42x30cm.

This is a plein air painting, in acrylic, of a sunlit meadow in a park outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. Although the suburbs of the city are known not to be the safest, I was quite alone most of the time that I painted this, and felt secure. The park is a municipal area, fenced off to the outside.

I loved the feeling of being there under the trees, listening to the sounds of children playing in the distance, and painting through my joy. A couple of people stopped to watch the progress and ask questions, but I was quite far off the beaten path, so I didn't become an attraction.

The light was bright and hard, a feature of the Transvaal Highveldt, but the trees above me broke it into a lovely dappled mat beneath my feet.

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