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Magic Garden 1-6. A Harmony in Six Parts.

These are mixed media paintings on paper. 7.8x5.1 inches. These paintings are professionally matted and ready for framing.

These paintings (1-6) are a delightful rendition of a tiny part of my garden. I was fascinated by the irrepressible growth of the plants nest to the water. The colours were delightful, and the scene hummed with life.

I sat in front of my easel caught between the delight of observing this resplendent insight into nature and the joy of painting it all. Do that long enough and you enter a kind of state of bliss. I think that's why I came up with the title Magic Garden. If magic has the power to transport you, then this scene and these little paintings are full of that power.

These paintings are available for purchase on my DailyPaintWorks website.

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