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Heavy Weather

This is a 12.5x17.5cm / 5x7inch portrait of a woman in a Sou'wester.

I feel like I'm getting affected by the weather. It's been raining solidly for two days, the kind of rain that soaks the earth and tells everything to be still. I live on a river, and I can hear the rushing water getting louder by the hour, the flow evident, not only in my mind. The river's not listening to the rain.

I love this weather, love the cold, love having to put on a jacket and warm socks. I love being indoors. It suits my hermit lifestyle. Apart from the little inconveniences, it doesn't bother me. At heart I'm a melancholic. But other people may find the never-ending rain depresssing.

This little painting reflects that. Maybe the woman is going through some emotional issues, or maybe she's dealing with memories. I don't know. Whatever her state of mind, I guess for her it's heavy weather.

This painting is available for purchase on my Daily Paintworks website.

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