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Dappled Stream

This is a plein air acrylic painting, 21x30cms / 8.3x11.8inches.

I live on a beautiful river, and I often sketch and paint down there. I am blessed in that I can simply walk down to the bottom of my garden with all my paraphernalia and set up a mini-studio under my umbrella.

The behind-the-scenes story of making this painting is documented in words and pictures on this website. It's worth clicking through to take a look

On the drop-down menu above, select "Gallery" and then click on "River Thoughts". Scroll down until you see the header: "Making of a Painting". That's where you'll find it.

More details are available on my Facebook page. Here I give insight into the painting process as well.

Click through to see all the photos and descriptions.

This painting is available for purchase on my Daily Paintworks website.

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